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Sensation Wireless Wood Headphones
Sensation Wireless Wood Headphones
Sensation Wireless Wood Headphones

Sensation Wireless Wood Headphones

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No wires, no worries. Move freely throughout your day with Sensation: foldable, Bluetooth-enabled headphones that offer the unbeatable experience of crisp, live-sounding music wherever you go.
Wireless Wood Headphones


Handcrafted from real wood

The smooth, wooden earpieces add a unique, more sophisticated style.


Easy on the ears

Luxuriously-padded ear cushions provide maximum, long-lasting comfort.

Wireless Wood Headphones


Conveniently Compact

Easily fold up your headphones and carry them with you wherever you go.



Connects to your iPod, iPad, tablets or any Android device, and lasts up to 9 hours.


Wireless with more

Every pair of headphones comes with an extra cord, just in case you miss it.

Wireless Wood Headphones


Noise Isolation

Tune out everything, but the tunes.


Loud, powerful sound

A deep bass you can only get from natural wood.


Control the tempo

Activate Voice Control, answer or end calls, skip tracks and change volume with ease.

Tech Specifications

Driver Unit

Dynamic 40mm Neodymium


107+/3bD at 1KHz, 1mW


32 Ohms

Frequency Response


R&L Balance

<3dB(50Hz-6KHz, 1mW)

Total Harmonic Distortion


Rated Input Power

30mW-50mW (Max)


3.5mm gold-plated jack

Cable Length

48"/1.2 braided nylon cable

Bluetooth Working Distance


Jam out on every device

Our products were made for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad. They also work on all Android, tablet and related devices.

In the Box

Wireless Wood Headphones
Stylish protection

Keep your buds looking good with our sleek, protective case.


Stay in touch, or tune out completely.

Dual cords, one with a microphone one without, means you can easily take calls (or not).


Plug in, jam out

Use the USB cord for charging and the AUX cord to play directly from your device.


“Charging them doesn't take long, and they last for a pretty long time too.”

- Hannah C.

“There must be some kind of magic in using the wood they use!”

- Sharon N.

“ I keep them in my book bag and use them all the time.”

- thartman22

“It was comfortable to wear and the sound was enjoyable.”

- Doppler

“I can hear every little detail with these.”

- Ransom

“Finally no muffled Bluetooth sound!”

- Dan




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