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Symphonized Gifts Under $60

Something for Everyone!

It’s a funny thing, the holiday season.  One minute, it’s summer beach season and before you know it BAM! It’s Black Friday and everyone is scrambling for the perfect gifts.  Look no further.  Symphonized has got something special for everyone on your gift list and all at a price point that will definitely leave you with a little extra spending money for a special treat for yourself!  Let’s count down some of Symphonized’s best gifts $60 and under!


The Classic and Ever Popular NRG $25

Symphonized is best known for their unique wooden ear bud housing which gives their products a very classic and chic look.  The original Symphonized NRG model is the core of what this company is.  This is one of the best selling classic items, a great gift for someone who appreciates something a little better than “average”.  The NRG comes in 14 colors and has a durable, tangle-free nylon cable.  The wooden housing really helps bring out the natural acoustics in all that you listen to.  This would make the perfect gift for all the teens in your life with the perfect color options to match each individual style and personality.


A New Take on an Old Classic: NRG 3.0 $25.49


A more modern iteration of the classic NRG, the NRG 3.0 offers volume control, a feature so desperately coveted by those of us that are way too lazy to reach into our pockets or bags to grab our phones and adjust the old fashioned way.  This version of the NRG offers a TPE rubber cable that is thankfully, tangle-free and comes in six dual colored variations!  The model also offers a little tune up on the bass when compared to the original version, making it the perfect gift for all of your bass-head friends.



The Future of NRG: NRG 2.0 Wireless $29.99

A really big thing to watch out for this season is the demand for Bluetooth everything… especially with the upcoming iPhone releases (do we need to remind you that there is no more audio port?).  The NRG 2.0 Wireless is for everyone who wants to step into the future, lose the wires, and still have the beautifully crisp sound that Symphonized has been known to deliver.  The NRG 2.0 wireless offers a thin Innovative Shield Technology cable that really helps keep the buds lightweight for your comfort.  Receive 6 to 8 hours of playtime, control your music conveniently from the inline remote, and ensure a perfectly secure fit with flexible ear wings.  This is the perfect gift for everyone you know with a colorful spirit, with four available shades of beautifully bright metallic. 


A Step Out of the Comfort Zone: CD $32

Symphonized was founded on the idea of natural sound conducted through wood in their classic ear bud styles.  However, times, they are a-changing and you just have to roll with it, which is what Symphonized did!  This newer model, completely different from anything that has ever been seen before by this brand, the CD model offers comparable acoustics and the most booming bass response yet.  It has a completely new metal design, with a really funky shape to them, making these buds truly unique, even among all the other wireless earphones available on the market!  Give those someone specials something truly special and one of a kind.



For Everyone Always on the Run: PWR $30

Symphonized can definitely keep up with the trends and nothing has been quite as trendy lately as living an active lifestyle!  Symphonized is all about treating yourself well and what better way to help inspire and motivate than to provide the perfect workout buds?  The Symphonized PWR delivers the most, well, as the name would suggest powerful sound on the Symphonized line.  Its design ensures your headphones stay in place during your most intense work outs and they will definitely help you keep all those promises to get your booty to the gym!  The PWR have comfort fit ear hooks that help allow for long term wear without causing any exhaustion or stress on your poor ears.  For all the cardio bunnies and meats heads in your life, give the gift of PWR. 


Wireless Really Should Mean Without Wires: TWR $59.99

Symphonized has redefined “wireless”.  Actually, on second thought, they are just properly defining wireless headphones with the Symphonized TWR.  These buds are… wait for it…TRULY WIRELESS.  That’s right!  No wires at all!  The future is now, everyone! These are perfect for sharing your music with your boo or your bestie, without constantly having one of you pulling the buds out of each others’ ears.  Lightweight and with comfort grip ear hooks, the TWR earphones really allow for freedom and ease of use.  Without any wires to get in the way, you can even wear these during your boring work meetings or school lectures.  No one will ever know!  !  Cover them with your hair or a hoodie and you’re good to go!  They are also wonderful workout buds without any wires to get in the way of your heavy lifting or running.  For everyone in your life who deserves true freedom, the TWR will make the perfect gift this season!