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These 5 Easy Music Tricks Can Beat the Winter Blues And Make You Unstoppable!


This time of year can seem depressing. Not only is it cold and dour outside, but the winter wonderland magic that comes along with the holiday season has gone.  The next holiday seems so far away.  It is not difficult to understand why people are down around this time of year. 

While it may be easy to fall prey to the winter blues, there are a number of easy musical practices you can get yourself into to pick your mood right up!

Music is a powerful tool for the mind. Anyone who’s ever had an emotional reaction to music can understand this. In recent years, however, psychologists have made huge advances in using music therapy to treat people. And the great news is that a lot of these highly effective music practices can be done by just about anyone.

Did you know that the American Psychological Association outright states that music can be the best medicine? For example, listening to music is now known to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety before surgery. However, where psychologists have made the strongest advances with music therapy is through alleviating depression. Even if you’re not depressed, almost anyone can benefit from using music in the ways they outline.

These are the best ways to quickly use music to get the boost you need:


Singing may seem silly to some of our shier selves, but it is definitely a great way to bring up your mood.  Sometimes you have to let it all out.  Whether it’s listening to heavy metal and screaming along to let those negative feelings out, or belting out something fun and silly while driving down the highway with your best friend, singing is a great way to just let yourself go. Singing in the shower in the mornings even can really help kick start the day and bring some positive vibes your way. 


Dancing is a great way to get your blood pumping and your body moving.  Winter is such a stiff and uptight time of year.  It is important to remember to just let go and let your body feel free.  Let your mind wander, just focus on the music and enjoy yourself!  Put on your favorite tunes and dance your way into an upbeat mood! If you don’t like doing this in public, that’s fine. Do it in the privacy of your room and dance away. You’ll definitely feel better after!

Jam Out

Instruments are a great way of getting really personally involved with music.  It helps you get creative.  This activity may seem a little intimidating to those of us who’ve never tried it, but you don’t have to be a guitar hero! Something as simple as grabbing a harmonica, tambourine or maracas and playing for five minutes can help! It’s a really great way to get creative and musical, whether alone or with friends.

Music Meditation (At The Right Time)


Work days and school days can be long and tedious.  It’s important to find some time in your day to unwind. Oftentimes, it seems impossible to carve this little bit of “me time” from your schedule. The trick is that you have to look where you hadn’t considered. For example, take a few minutes out of your lunch break, grab your headphones, find a comfortable chair and find some calming Zen meditations to listen to. This could be simple calming nature sounds, binaural beats, or whatever relaxes you. Once you find the best moment for this, your days will become easier!

Plug In Some Headphones And Listen To The Right Playlist While Working

Say you don’t have any time to music meditate. That’s fine. There’s a way of using music on the go. All you have to do is create a relaxation playlist, plug in the headphones and let it align with your workflow.

You know yourself better than anyone. Make your own playlist or subscribe to the one you know suits you. Then, work to the music. You’ll find the work easier than before. If the opportunity presents itself, maybe even take a short power break by closing your eyes for around 30 seconds. It helps.

Everyone is different, but everyone loves music. Some of these techniques will work for you. Some won’t. The important thing is to try them and get them into your life in the most effective way. It may take a few weeks, but when it’s right, you’ll see the positive results!