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Symphonized Donates Equipment To A Music Therapy Program Helping Homeless Children

Symphonized has a brand new mission: to benefit the world through the power of music. The first step in this mission- improving the lives of people close to home. And we are doing just that with an inspiring donation to The Flagstone Family Center.

The Flagstone Family Center in Brooklyn, NY houses hundreds of homeless families every year. The children coming into the center have experienced a range of traumas. Some have lost relatives, while others have to support their parents through addiction. Helping these young people is a challenge. However, an innovative therapy program is making a huge impact.

“Music makes me who I am” - Joaquin. Age 8. Current Flagstone resident.

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music runs a music therapy program in the family center. Every week, the children come together and learn to write, record and produce their own songs in a collaborative environment. This session is more than just a class; it’s an opportunity for the children to come to terms with their difficulties and unite through creative emotional expression.

Like all other children, the Flagstone kids have dreams of growing up to be pilots, scientists and basketball players. Unlike other children, circumstances beyond their control have made it harder to succeed. Music therapy offers these children a lifeline.They are developing a range of skills, giving them a host of opportunities to thrive, despite their challenging situation.

“When you’re displaced and when your life is chaotic, as it is when in a shelter, we look for ways in which music can provide that kind of consistency, that kind of grounding. But it’s also a chance to be heard as an individual for the first time. When you see the results, when you make that connection with a person, and you’re able to see them grow, there’s nothing like it.”

- Al Hoberman. Music Therapist at the Flagstone Family Center

However, the music therapy program at Flagstone has been facing challenges. Like many non-profit institutions, budget setbacks have affected them greatly. Low quality headphones and the lack of necessary equipment, such as audio splitters, were disrupting the children’s sessions. After learning about this, Symphonized stepped in to help.

Symphonized’s founders realized that our team could really make an impact on the lives of these children. We have donated headphones and supporting equipment to both the music therapy classes and the children. With this new equipment, the entire music therapy program at this center will be better than ever and will help the children enrich their lives.

“The new equipment helps me, because it’s given me more ideas. And I can really use these to listen to my music!” - Shamaya. Age 10. Current Flagstone Resident  

Symphonized will be donating much more of its equipment in the future to similar organizations and will be continuously looking for more opportunities to help others. Already, it is supporting the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on an upcoming gala event, which will showcase the talents of those undertaking music therapy in the Brooklyn Bell House in Gowanus.

Watch the accompanying videos of our donation to find out more.