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Symphonized’s Music Therapy Donation Is Recognized On NY1 News

Symphonized’s recent donation to a homeless shelter is making waves in the media! After donating to Brooklyn Conservatory of Music’s Music Therapy Program, Symphonized has gained a range of attention. Most recently, our efforts were featured on Spectrum NY1 News!

On April 25th, NY1 News aired an exclusive report on its primetime news show. This report covered how Symphonized’s donation of headphones, earbuds and other supporting equipment is helping an innovative music therapy program. The music therapy program at Flagstone Homeless Shelter works with displaced children, who have arrived at the center due to various traumatic circumstances. The music therapy program supports the children through a range of emotional hardships. It is also a vital resource in helping the children through their circumstances. However, until recently, the music therapy program had to make do with low quality headphones.

Music therapy plays a major role in all the children’s lives.  It allows time for them to come together and express their feelings in a positive and healing way.  This program is a very important means of teaching the children how to communicate, how to be creative, and most importantly, how to heal.  Life can be chaotic when you are displaced at such a young age.  Some of these children are supporting parents dealing with addiction while others have lost family members. 

 Children going through traumatic experiences are extremely vulnerable and if not properly guided can fall into a cycle of negativity that keeps them from reaching their potential for the rest of their lives.  BKCM along with Symphonized are ensuring this does not happen by providing the proper resources to teach positive expression and communication.  They are giving these children the opportunity to learn new life skills that will help them thrive and manage their struggles in the best possible manner.  One child, Stephen, age 11, says “I put sad into this a lot of time, and happy, and angry" of the music he creates during therapy.

 Symphonized heard of the great work this program is doing and knew we had to get involved. Supporting children in our community in the hope of making the smallest of differences in their lives is an opportunity we could not pass up.  Symphonized’s donation of incredible all-natural wood headphones and other resources has positively impacted the homeless shelter. This donation was the catalyst in a huge improvement in the quality of therapy that the children are receiving.  The children now have quality products to use that can help inspire them.


After this truly rewarding experience with Flagstone, Symphonized is continuing to assist similar programs globally. 


Support Symphonized!  Get involved and help us help others!  A portion of our proceeds will go directly towards our efforts to continue our mission to helping children thrive through music!


 Check out our Spectrum NY1 feature to learn more about the Flagstone Homeless Shelter and Symphonized’s donation!